A Hopeful Tomorrow

While dowry has proven to be a continued issue faced by women and their families throughout India on a daily bases, there is still hope. A great article that I have referred to in this blog before is “The Origin of the Dowry System” by Sanskriti. In the article, Sanskriti mentions one mention which he/she believes can resolve the problem entirely. It is a sort of “anti-dowry cell” of law enforcement that will work in a sort of ‘sting’ operation style of catching the groom and in-laws in the act of accepting or demanding dowries. It could instill fear in families whom hope to gain wealth through marriage in the manner of dowry, and give brides and their families a greater sense of security from mistreatment.

At the end of the day, Sanskriti also mention that “there can be no solution without victims refusing to be victimized.” I do agree with this, in a sense, but I also strongly believe that there can be no solution without the intervention of people from around the world who are not necessarily involved with Indian culture. It will take the help of people from all over to bring a complete end to the practice of dowry and dowry deaths in India. So I will leave you by saying that it is up to us to help make a change for tomorrow.


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