Cases in the News

Here, I am going to list a couple of the news articles of recent dowry deaths or harassments in India. These cases demonstrate the severity of the issue that many women face in India, currently. Even with laws in place to protect wives and their families from being victims of this terrible practice, its existence is still persistent and common across the country.

  • “Shattered dreams: the women tormented by dowry abuse” by Neelima Choahan (4/8/16)
    • After an arranged marriage, which included dowries and costs upwards of $100,000, a young woman was still physically and emotionally abused by her husband and in-laws because they demanded more. The young girl eventually fled from her new ‘family’ and sought the protection of the law as she feared for her life. The young girl is now forced to live in a safe house in Melbourne, Australia. This is the perfect example of a case in which a young girl and her family are forced to give-up so much during marriage, yet are then expected to give even more in the ensuing months or face severe punishment.
  • “Man, father held for dowry death” from The Times of India (4/17/16)
    • This is a short article that mentions a man and his father who are being held under custody after a young, 26 year old wife committed suicide by hanging last Friday. The two men physically and emotionally harassed the woman so much for an increased dowry that she took her own life. This is absolutely despicable and cannot go unpunished. The saddening thing is, there are cases like this that occur everyday throughout India. Yet they are not brought to the media because they many times don’t get reported as dowry related because the family of the wife is too scared.
  • “Police constable arrested for bribe demand in dowry case in Barmer”
    • Slightly off topic, but I believe a critical point that has to change if there is going to be hope in bringing a complete end to the practice of dowry in India. Even though dowry is illegal, corruption in government and law enforcement can make for reporting cases or bringing about justice difficult for many wives and their families.

I could have continued to make a list even longer with different examples of dowry’s continued practice, today. But I feel that this three articles can give a person a pretty good understanding that this is a major issue facing thousands of women and families on a daily basis in India, and around the globe.


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